The Cutest DIY Valentine Art Ever!

February 10, 2018 0 Comments

Looking for a fun, yet inexpensive way to create beautiful artwork and Valentine’s Day decor?  Or, does your child need to make Valentine’s Cards for his or her classmates?  This sweet holiday is a perfect time to add both glamour and glue to your life through crafting with girlfriends or your sweet, precious ones.  Here’s the cutest DIY Valentine art ever!


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Grab the following items:

– Toilet paper rolls
– Tape
– Paint (red, pink, purple, and/or white suggested for Valentine’s)
– Craft paper (we used white, but other colors can be used)
– Newspaper (I always tape newspaper down on the table or use a plastic activity mat in order to minimize the mess)

cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-8 cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-9 cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-1


1. Mold the toilet rolls to look like a heart. You may have to play around with the toilet roll until it’s shaped, as you desire.
2. Tape the heart shape into place. Note: I taped both ends of the roll for dual stamping and paint color options.
3. Stamp your heart out using various paint colors onto the craft paper.



cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-5cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-6 We made our craft into hearts for Valentine’s crafts or love cards. But, you could easily mold into circles, triangles, squares or other shapes for a fun experiences or craft parties. With snacks, drinks and music playing in the background for added ambiance, this could easily be the best craft party ever!

cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-10 cutest-diy-valentine-art-ever-14

Hey, don’t feel like DIYing or too busy, no worries!  Here’s some cute cards for purchase:

Children/Classmates: here or here

Friends/Girlfriends/Colleagues: here or here

Spouses: here or here

Happy crafting and/or shopping!

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