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Winter is here ladies and gentlemen!  And the weather is definitely a strong indicator.  Every year, Khris and I decide collectively whether or not we will purchase Christmas gifts for each other.  This year, we both decided that we would NOT exchange gifts.  Well, he said, technically, he held up his end of the agreement because…


Holiday 2017 Outfits for Girls by Target

Sequins!  Glitter!  Ruffles!  Oh My!  It’s that time of year.  I live to celebrate the Christmas holidays with my family especially now that I have a family of my own.  Raegan took after her Mommy and falls in love with all things Christmas, December and festive activities.  Hopefully, our little Audrey will take after Mommy’s…

Gift Gives + Target Deals

Gift Gives + Target Deals

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday, Black Friday today and looking forward to a extra rest and relaxation over the next couple of days to seal off a thankful week!  Hopefully we’ll get around to putting up the Christmas decor this weekend and of course, I’ll share a post or two…

My Crush on Blush (and Cream)

· A Fall-Winter Must Have Look ·

‘Tis the season to pull out our long coats, winter hats, and warm scarves.  With blush trending this season in the fashion industry, and cream always in style, this comfortable look keeps you both current and classic.  Here’s to my crush on blush (and cream).  Click on the links below and shop similar looks for…

A Hollywood Glamour Christmas Card

· Creating a Christmas Card Tradition ·

Come dressed for the occasion or don’t come at all! Can you believe it’s less than day 60 days before Christmas?  Christmas is my MOST favorite holiday, Jesus’ birthday and it’s my daughter Audrey Reese’s birthday!!! It’s going to be incredible this year!!! Every year, I get really giddy (can’t you tell my all the…

Angel in a Blue Dress

· The Best Maxi Dress Under $8 ·

I’m a huge fan of comfort!  HUGE!  With an ever increasing list of demands, two girls (one active kindergartener, one curious baby) growing leaps and bounds, and the desire to simultaneously be glamorous, comfort is still very much a core element of my signature style.  And this blue maxi dress has become my new best…